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Tex Range Services Providing Quality Management System as Per IS09001-15001 and working with exporters. We have continued to expand our global network while providing high valued-added consulting services that assist our clients in expanding their business operations on a global basis.

Ensuring standards compliance has eagerly become important for all trade partners either working in manufacturing industry or service based industry, either working on capacity of exporter or importer.

  • Importing organizations (customers) are conscious about product quality and as product quality can never be
    achieved without process quality therefore customers always look for different process quality certification like ISO 9001 or suppliers’ technical assessments.
  • International Customers, consumer and importing associations based in EU, US, Canada and Australia ensure compliance against legislative requirements, ethical and social issues throughout supply chain.
  • This has become a mandatory requirement for manufacturers (suppliers) to comply with different quality, environmental, Health & Safety and social & Ethical Standards to survive and excel in international trade.


Tex Range Service is an initiative of qualified and experience professionals to serve international customers to assess their suppliers’ social & ethical practices as well as supplies’ process quality and technical capabilities.

Our Company provides the legal Consultancy in Social /technical audit and all customer Code of Conducts.We are providing Cycle gear Customer and all customer Code of Conduct including QMS, Walmart, Supply Chain, Prime Mark Supply chain, Social audit, technical audit services including Inditex, WRAP, BSCI, SEDEX, GOTS, OCS, RCS, GRS, OKETEX and Lab Testing Services.

We also prepare the organizations by providing consultancy and training services to meet different standards certification as well as international customers’ code of conduct and technical assessment requirements.

We have helped industry leading service and support operations enhance operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We leverage our enormous base of experience, wealth of best practice resources, and the latest quality management techniques to provide you with high-value services and deliverables that will improve your business. As veterans in the Consultancy field, we understand the value of strategically aligned service operations, clear management analysis and practical implementation techniques that yield measurable return on investment. Our highly regarded consulting services can help you address a wide variety of business challenges

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We are working on inditex, Walmart Prime Mark Supply Chains.

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