i have been with this Company, its one of the best platform I ever experienced. Special thanks to the Managing Director MUHAMMAD AMJAD

- Forta Industries PvtLtd.Sailkot

None other training and services company offering world class and high quality services in the field of health and safety training for their clients.

- Khawaja Cotton Industries

Our teams are working together, we’ve optimised our processes, and we have more time to spend on strategy. Tex Range has been a big part of that.

- Hadi Textile

The most amazing thing about Tex Range Services is that have appointed experienced and approved tutors/trainers and consultants for this training and services.

- Hussain Corporation

They are an amazing Leading Company and treat there As A team-members.
Also the most important part is the way they treat their Clients, Tex Range is great to work for

- Zara Textile Pvt. Ltd.

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We are working on inditex, Walmart Prime Mark Supply Chains.

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